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Helping make your clients' cash work harder

Investment platforms like ours provide access to a wide range of different investment types, ideal for those with long-term financial goals. We also allow our customers to hold cash balances to help with the payment of adviser and service fees and charges, or to act as a temporary haven when the markets are volatile.

We don’t recommend that your clients hold large balances of cash for long periods of time, but if they want their spare cash to work harder in the medium to long term, we offer access to specific products with attractive rates of return via our Cash Panel. Details of the options currently available are below.


We partner with Bondsmith, an FCA regulated cash solutions provider, to offer access to a diverse range of fixed term deposit accounts with attractive interest rates from banks and building societies (referred to as ‘deposit takers’).

The Bondsmith service is subject to separate Bondsmith terms and conditions which you need to be aware of. By placing an instruction with a fixed term deposit your client will be deemed to have accepted the Bondsmith terms and conditions.

Your client will become a client of Bondsmith once the instruction to invest in a fixed term deposit has been received and accepted by Bondsmith.

Please note sometimes Bondsmith may require additional information and documentation to satisfy their own anti-money laundering procedures. If they do require this, they’ll contact you before your investment can be placed in a fixed term deposit with a deposit taker.

The Nucleus Wrap terms and conditions also include important points to be aware of when investing in fixed term deposit accounts through Bondsmith. 

We've put together a handy FAQ document to help with any questions you may have on Bondsmith.

The Application Process

The Cash Panel is available for the Nucleus Pension Account and the Nucleus General Account.

You can access a range of deposit accounts made available by Bondsmith by logging on to our platform and selecting from the range of deposit accounts available. This is the same online trading process for all asset types available on the Nucleus Wrap.

Once you have placed the instruction, we will pass this to Bondsmith who will in turn place the deposit with the relevant deposit taker. It is anticipated to take up to 2 business days from receipt of the instruction on our platform to the deposit being placed with the deposit taker.

The Cash Panel (the latest Deposit Takers, products and rates)

You can click on the rates of the deposit taker for further information about their accounts, including their FSCS information sheet and summary terms. Normally, deposit takers will only allow early termination on death or divorce.

Rates of interest for any deposits placed with a Cash Panel provider are shown above. Normally we would expect you to get the rate disclosed on the day you instruct the investment into a deposit. However, if the rate changes during the period between you instructing the investment and it being placed by Bondsmith with the deposit taker, the instruction will be rejected and you will need to place a new instruction.

A proportion of the interest (up to 0.10%) on amounts placed in cash panel deposits will be paid directly by the deposit taker to Bondsmith. This is known as the “Bondsmith Interest” and Bondsmith receives this for providing their service. The Bondsmith Interest is deducted from interest rates before they are displayed to you, so the rate you will see is the rate your client will receive. Bondsmith’s charge is in addition to the Nucleus Platform Charge.

If you need any further information on Bondsmith, please contact your Business Development Director.

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