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21 May 2024

Practice development

How to ensure ‘surprise and delight’ is experienced by every client

Julie Littlechild

"Can you think of an example of a meaningful client experience?” This is a question I often ask in workshops, as a way to help planners think outside the box and hone in on the feelings connected to…

20 May 2024

Practice development

7 tips to avoid email hacking

Catriona Carter

Email and social media accounts are still popular platforms for hackers who are looking to access personal information in order to gain control of financial assets. Data from Action Fraud confirms…

14 May 2024

Practice development

How to measure the impact of your advice

Chris Budd

One of the requirements now facing advice firms under the Consumer Duty rules is the need to demonstrate the impact of advice. In a way, this is nothing new. For example, client testimony videos…

13 May 2024


Why ‘greenhushing’ could be a hidden threat to sustainable investment

Claire Bennison

As global interest in sustainable investments grows, a new, subtle challenge is emerging: 'greenhushing'. This practice, where companies choose not to disclose their sustainability goals, even when…

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